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This campaign is about epic heroes and the times that shape the world for the future. Protected by the sacrifice of the Old Gods civilization is arising again after a terrible Dark Age. The world is in a Bronze Age Renaissance fueled by the opening of the last city, and the rain of star-metal and mythic power from the veil of light.

This is an age of Heroes. Where men ascent and usurp gods. The songs of this age will be sung five thousand years ago. The world is new again, and she cries out for someone to bring order and love to her from the chaos and tyranny that is grown in the ruins of the old world.

Your character can and should be the next Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Cleopatra, Heracles, Imhotep, Romulus, Odysseus or Xena. When looking for inspiration about the world Think Conan, Red Sonja, Xena, The Mummy and other bronze age epics.

The World


Time is BC and AC. This is because the exact date of the star fall is unknown.


The campaign is centered around the Idris River Valley, the center of a large system of rivers dominating the central region of the continent Embra. Mapmaking is a poorly developed art, and the vast majority of geographical knowledge is embedded in itineraries.

Major Powers

  • Compact of The Mouth – A diverse alliance of city states formed for protection against The Reborn and Reavers. They control the 500 league long final segment of the Idris from the confluence of the Jade and Gold Idris just south of Arkkadia to the Bay of Bronze. The major powers of the alliance are: The Elysian Cities, The Theotai, The Gloryseers. A dozen smaller city states have full membership and contribute to the compact army and navy to ensure mutual security.
  • Arkkadia – Controllers of the confluence of the Jade and Golden Idris. Followers of The Rainbow God, and a major industrial center built on the edge of a massive crater containing star-metal deposits.
  • The Reborn A massive horde of undead and death cultists who attack in regular waves over the west desert.
  • Ulol Mezthos Ulol Mezthos, the Last City. An ancient dwarven stronghold that survived the starfall intact, and has served as the anchor of a thriving civilization in the Chalbes Mountans several days sailing to the west of the mouth of the Idris.


Characters Creation
PCs are built on 25 point build, and the world is open enough to permit any paizo published class. Third party content used by a PC requires that the DM and at least 3 other players

House Rules

Fate/Bribe points are a resource available to all players for contributing to the world, lore, and ongoing story.

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