Starfall - Beneath the Veil of Light

The Ritual at the Ark

Orlen and Orzem work to socket the Gems, place relics and inscribe a set of 7 foot circles connecting the gems, ark, and relics. while Leifan instructs the rest of you on your role in the activation.

“Each of us assumes (temporarily, of course) a color out of the Rainbow God’s faces. Channel that aspect of his semi-”, he pauses “I mean ‘omnipotence’ while He goes out and finds little Kankala here’s soul. The one finding, of course, would be the Violet face, which would return him here to us and raise him back up to fight, and eventually die for, glory.”

When the gems are in place you each enter the circle one at a time. You wash in a mithril chalice and walk a particular path along the lines within the circle to your place, chanting words that appear in your mind as the gem begins to glow. When you arrive at your gem a line of light erupts connecting the gem and your third eye. The mind of the Rainbow God settles just behind your own guiding your lips to form a Prayer in a tongue .
As your mind is drawn from this impossible chant, everything beyond the circles fades away. You float, shivering, on a set of platforms hanging the night sky, the colors of the Veil of Light surrounding you with a simmering curtain that ripples and shake violently with an unseen and unfelt wind. The point of light from of your gem widens, and creeps to cover your entire body bringing warmth to counter the bitter the cold of this place.
The gods words flow from your mouth, drawing the light from you to shone on the stones, which evaporate into opalescent lines of power weaving the seven platforms into a single greater vessel of power. The casket melts away as the violet stone begins to glow, pulling the generals corpse slightly green from its long preservation to the center of the seventh circle.

As the corpse settles into place the lines of power reach off into the distance, pulling the circle towards the earth. There racing among castles and cities built of clouds, past the a cloud topped summit circled by a pair Rocs, and on over the ocean you pass through a golden ring hanging in mid-air guarded by a legion of angels. In a few heartbeats you flash among the blessed dead to examining each of the millions of souls, seeking the General among those enjoying their heavenly rewards.
The circle races on, outpacing the Angelic guard who tail you, and you flash out into the dimness of the noonday sun. The circle dives steeply plunging you beneath the ocean. Iridescent bubbles formed by the never ending chant rise above your heads, and you skim beneath the surface passing shipwrecks, racing to a wine-dark palace. There you pass through the Nightfather’s hall, seeking the general among the valiant dead, passing so quickly none save the great dark bearded lord of that palace notice your passing.

Leaving the palace you swiftly plunging into an abyssal trench, disrupting dark and slimy things with the brilliance of your conveyance as you press down to the very heart of the earth. There the circle rushes into a glowing fissure, pushing through the immense pressure and throwing a shower of lava upon an endless horde of fiends as you erupt onto a hellish landscape. Castles of molten brass, glow dimly in the enormous cavern while the souls of the damned toil in basalt foundries, and pull vast labs of onyx to a gate just visible at the edge of this place. Legions of Demons and Devils muster upon the great lava floodplain, readying an invasion through the crack you entered by. Faster than ever before, your construct seeks among the souls of the wicked for the General. A sense of foreboding comes to your mind from the God as this place begins to echo with a laughter so deep your bones thrum with it. The circle flashes violently, blinding you as the forces of the Pit fling hellfire and living darkness against it. The Rainbow God pulls the construct from this place silver echo of the place flings you all strait up through the heart of the earth, out and back to orbit. Begin to dim, and panic reaches your mind from the God, as he pulls his power together, leaving you half unprotected from the words of power your lips still utter, as you hurtle to each of the moons and around the Outer Ring at in a flash. Despair fills your mind as the God seeks his missing seventh, hanging in the night spinning wildly as his search continues.

Suddenly a gash opens in the rippling veil of light, and against the utter blackness that has opened up a violet mote drifts. You halt suddenly, jerking and spinning as the God turns to rush towards the mote. Terrifying tendrils covered in countless mouths reach from the blackness and seize the now recognizable form of the general, the soul poorly shielded by the tiny portion of the God that stays with it. The six remaining faces of the God leave you and rush to pull the soul from the darkness. Abandoning you in this great beyond without his power you abruptly feel an unimaginable malevolence from the gash in the veil, and begin to fall towards it. With brilliant explosion the Faces of the God reunite and pull the tattered remains of the General’s soul from the gnawing tendril of darkness. Silver power leaks flowing to each of you, as you speed of in different directions cast off by the force of their reunion. (Everyone’s personal experience before you return to your bodies will be posted tomorrow just before game, when I will be available to RP out things, and help with mythic builds. If you are unable to make it, please let me know so we can deal with it over the next week)


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